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What is Editionet?

Editionet consists of a team of professionals whose passion is to design, develop, and successfully realize fashion projects. Our main competences are textile production, e-commerce and project management. It is important for us to know that our mission is shared and our hard work is demanded – that’s why we are happy to work with content creators and celebreties who have a community, understand their community and know what it loves. We think that fashion on demand is the future and helps avoid waste of human and natural resources. It becomes particularly important when working with highly professional partners and using premium materials like Editionet does.

Why does Editionet work with content creators?

We believe that fashion is not being born in big fashion houses but on the streets. Fashion is being made by people who are passionate about it and love to experiment. Good taste is a muscle and every muscle needs training. Content creators are individuals who see every day as a challenge for new fashion ideas and combinations. This what not only fascinates us from Editionet but millions of other people in the community.

Why does Editionet produce for communities and not for masses?

Waste is a big negative aspect of today’s fashion. Editionet wants to avoid it. We want to make sure that products that we produce will 100% meet their owner. That’s why we produce for content creator communities where people share a lot of similar preferences. So it is easier to understand the target group and design the things that people really want to have and are ready to buy. Producing for big masses always leads to wasting of human and natural resources. Just to make our point clear: The fashion industry is one of the major polluting and water wasting industries in the world. That’s why we only work with local European production companies that operate energy efficient factories.

How do I start to work with Editionet?

You can contact us via email oder phone and we will be happy to get to know your ideas and plans. We answer all your questions and ask ours. If we both have the feeling we are on the same wave, we can start making plans for your first fashion collection. For this we organize a workshop where we discuss the potential product categories, discuss the latest fashion trends with you and how to connect it with your style.

Is there a minimum follower size for content creators?

One of the most important aspects of our work with the content creator is the fact that she/he does it full-time. This guarantees us the dedication and seriousness of the projects. Regarding the minimum followers we suggest you have at least around 30k followers so that our collective effort pays of on the long-term. More importantly we believe that a high engagement rate of your followers and their feedback is the key to provide them with clothes they are going to love and be passionate about.

What are the services of Editonet?

Editionet is a one-stop-shop and takes care about all administrative, organizational, technical and financial stuff. It means Editionet team begins to brainstorm with you about the first product categories to be produced, checks all the details, negotiates and communicates with different factories, makes prototypes, produces the final products after your approval, sets up the online store with the products, takes care about all the legal stuff, provides different payment methods in the store, packs all the ordered products and sends them to the customers.

Which categories of products are possible for my fashion collection?

Almost everything is possible with Editionet. At the moment we focus on fashion and sportswear.

How do I earn money?

We transparently share with you all the costs and margins. You are receiving regular reports of projects as well as regular payment. Reliable and always on time.

Is there a minimum amount I have to sell?

It doesn’t matter how much pieces you will sell, they will all be produces and delivered to the customers. This is the difference between Editionet and mass market producers. We are ready to produce very small individual limited collections. However, internally speaking, it would be make all of us pretty proud if it would be possible to sell from 100 pieces to cover all the costs.


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